Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Innovation Camp Tallinn 2018

Solving Grand Societal Challenges for Sustainable Future in BSR

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17-19 September, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia

How a city can become smarter? What makes places attractive to global talent? How to improve public space and reduce segregation?

The world is experiencing growing urbanization. Although most of the growth comes from Asia and Africa, we can still see this process going on in already urbanized Europe. The growing population in the cities affects the access to public services, puts heavy pressure on public infrastructure and affects the overall living environment. At the same time the population in Europe is ageing which means that countries, regions and cities in Europe must compete for global talent if they want to remain competitive on the global scale. Cities in Europe are also seeing moral and physical decay of city districts built after WWII, the most likely destinations for minority groups and people with lower socioeconomic background. Because of this trend, cities in Europe are also seeing growing segregation and are in front of the question how to address the dwellers that live in these districts. These are the topics that Tallinn Innovation Camp wants to address because Tallinn is not an exception here.

Challenges of the camp:

1) Improving the quality of public spaces in post-WWII built city districts;

2) How to become a ‘smart’ city?

The preliminary programme is available here.

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The deadline for the registration is 3rd of September 2018

There are a couple of hotels pre-booked in the city centre with a special price – Hotel Estoria and Hotel ViruIf you have chosen one of these hotels for your stay in Tallinn, your registration form will be automatically sent to the hotel and they will inform you about the booking confirmation. A special price of 84/94 Euros (Single/Double room) in Hotel Estoria and 79/84 Euros (Single/Double room) in Hotel Viru has been guaranteed for the registration before the 3rd of September 2018. Use the code “BSR” (for those who book their accommodation via travel agency).

Tallinn Innovation Camp is organized by Tallinn City Enterprise Department in collaboration with Aalto University and Tallinn University of Technology.