The working group on promoting inter-regional collaboration worked around the questions like:

  • How to engage and collaborate across regional borders in Baltic Sea Region?
  • How to create and develop the spearhead initiatives together in the macro-region?

Successful interregional collaboration includes issues of trust, bridging different business models, finding appropriate partners, collaborating with ‘competitors’, and citizen and stakeholder engagement. If these and other issues are successfully addressed, this project can demonstrate that the BSR is a vital and dynamic idea.

The working group came up with diverse open questions, Big Ideas, and proposals for action. Among the Big Ideas are the importance of mobilizing political leadership, using Associate Partners as resources, and sharing expensive technologies across the BSR.

The five initial proposals for action in Baltic Sea Region:

  • Gdansk – Helsinki: explore how to develop a collaborative Maritime Incubator
  • Klaipeda – Riga (Univ. Of Latvia): explore possibilities for University collaborations
  • Kotka-Brandenburg: co-create business opportunities with recycled materials
  • Kotka – Brandenburg: explore how Potsdam Science hub and Kotka’s Acceleration programme can leverage strengths of BSR universities for start-up support
  • Kotka – Brandenburg: leverage strengths of BSR Gaming industries in collaboration without competition