The Smart-Up BSR project has been running for almost three years. In the final months of the project there will still be some activities. For example, there is the first virtual Innovation Camp – virtual due to the COVID-19 situation – and it will be dealing with matters pertaining to St. Petersburg. For more information on the dates, themes and how to participate, please see HERE.

International ONLINE Port Technology Hackathon Portathon Baltic is back on 25-27 September 2020!

Read more HERE.

Registration is already open: – we are looking for startups, students, scientists, business representatives!!

Five regions from Baltic Sea Area get peer feedback and input from EU Joint Research Centre on operationalising their entrepreneurial discovery process, designing and implementing policy instruments and monitoring their respective RIS3. More information on PXL workshop at Aarhus Innovation Camp.

The Final Conference of the project will be held on September 2020. For more information on the themes and how to participate, please see HERE.

Smart Up Community members coach EIT summer school students in Tallinn on urban mobility projects for Digital Cities. Click here to check out the results of mobility service innovations!

How can Smart Specialisation approach enable Smart Sustainable Cities? –  Click here to view Aalto team presentation at Aalto Sustainability Day 18 May 2018

Events in August 2021

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