Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Innovation Camp Latvia 2020

Innovation – Power of the 21st Century

February 24-26, 2020, Riga, Latvia

The Latvian Smart-up BSR project partners – University of Latvia, Ministry of Education and Science, Liepaja University together with the Latvian Academy of Science invite entrepreneurs, representatives of public authorities, scientific institutions and municipalities to participate in the event because the themes covered in the first day will be orientated on innovation implementation in the companies and scientific institutions.
The second day of the conference will provide with the be possibility to look into the future and see the Baltic Sea region at the next level of technological development, how do we live, work, learn and travel. The exchange of ideas at the innovation workshop will add the value to common challenges giving the view from new angles.

The conference website (the agenda for Feb. 24th) – HERE

The Agenda of the Innovation Camp (Feb. 25th-26th) – HERE

The Challenges:

Challenge 1 (Ministry of Economy)
Long-term cooperation between business, academia and public sector to foster innovation

Challenge 2 (University of Latvia)
Promoting the communication between the holders and users of the science infrastructure

Challenge 3 (University of Latvia)
Organisation and financing of the innovation development and marketing

Challenge 4 (Ministry of Education and Science)
Human resources development, mobility and cooperation in the science

Challenge 5 (Liepaja University)
Use of the innovative digital approaches to educating the public in the circular economy

Detailed information about the challenges – HERE