Dear Friends, dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the Baltic Sea Region Innovation Camp on inter-regional collaboration. The camp takes place 5th February, 2020 from 9 to 12 (CET) virtually in Zoom.

This  is the first innovation camp taking place in the first half of 2021 (5.2, 26.3 and 23.4) in the Baltic Sea Smart Specialisation Ecosystem Interreg project with the aim of reaching out smart specialisation and innovation experts of Baltic Sea region to make it more collaborative and leading example in the European Union.

The high-level challenges are:

Challenge 1: How to better engage and collaborate inter-regionally around Baltic Sea Region?

Challenge 2: How do we create products, learn/share, involve and better collaborate and build trust?

We are looking forward your active and enthusiastic involvement around a topic now more important than ever. It is crucial to build bridges during a time when cross-border interaction is limited. What happens, how to participate,  learn and share, collaborate, what are the next steps, do we know each others? Join the Innovation Camp to find out!

 Agenda and workflow:

  • [EXPLORE&IDEATE] Challenge the challenge. Is the challenge exactly what it should be?
  • [DEEPEN]Work on challenges & user groups & outcomes & roadmaps & timing
  • [INSIGHTS&SOLUTIONS]Combining early insights and starting to create first solutions.
  • [PROTOTYPE] Fail fast go forward. All ideas are great! Do, get the things done. Be Crazy
  • [PRESENTATIONS] Presentations of intermediate results.
  • [SUMMARY] Summary of the work with the challenges, conclusions, recommendations.
  • [NEXT STEPS] Closing

 Registration is open; and seats are limited, we work on  first come first served basis, so please register as soon possible here: https://webropol.com/s/bsrcollaboration,  but latest by 29.1.2021.

Please, register as soon as possible, the zoom link will be sent to those registered.

 We warmly welcome you to the camp!

 Taina, Lisa & Johanna

On the behalf of the BSR S3 Ecosystem-team