Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Innovation Camp Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot 2019

Around the Baltic Sea: Different Countries – Common Challenges

September 9th-11th, Metropolitan Area of Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot, Poland

Join the international group in order to help solve the current social, ecological and economic issues of the seaside metropoles. Together, we can come up with better solutions using the shared wisdom of our diverse cluster of participants, supported by interactive workshop tools. We need your experience, intuition, and creativity!


CHALLENGE 1 – 9th September 2019 – post-shipyard areas in Gdańsk

How can we manage the temporary use of the shipyard areas in transition, engaging different stakeholders and empowering entrepreneurship? (click here for full challenge 1 desciption)

KEYNOTES: Gerard Schuurman / Imperial Shipyard ; Łukasz_Pancewicz / Inspiration Challenge 1; Prof. Taina Tukiainen

CHALLENGE 2 – 10th September 2019 – Waterfront of Gdynia

How can we align the economic development of inner-city ports with the quality of life in the surrounding urban areas? (click here for full challenge 2 desciption)

KEYNOTE: Maciej Brzozowski / Port of Hamburg

CHALLENGE 3 – 11th September 2019 – Gdańsk business district

How can we innovatively integrate responsible public spending (including public procurement) with local entrepreneurship for tackling climate change consequences? (click here for full challenge 3 description)

KEYNOTE: Zofia Prokop / Facing Environmental Crisis

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Participation in the InnoCamp is free of charge.  English is the official language of the event. Registration is understood as confirmation of participation. On a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions or remarks you can always contact the InnoCamp team:

Natalia: innocamp (at) metropoliagdansk.pl

Agata: agata.blacharska (at) metropoliagdansk.pl

Anna: anna.fedas (at) metropoliagdansk.pl